Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So I have these friends...

She is an amazing photographer, mother, teacher of the Word.

He is a pastor, preacher, writer, and, like a pencil in the hand of the Father, he churns out stuff like this once a week...

"How often do you and I find ourselves striving to find a measure of acceptance—either from God or others—which He has already secured for us in Christ? How many of our efforts are at bottom an attempt to outrun fears we cannot escape, or, in our pride, to fulfill expectations we can never satisfy? In either case our unstated worry is always, “Am I good enough?” “The essence of Christian salvation,” says D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, “is that [Christ] is good enough and I am in Him.”

You can subscribe to the devotionals he writes for Park Cities Presbyterian Church, here.  Go ahead, we'll wait for you.

Ok, you back?  Good, because here's the great part...

One Friday, several months ago, I got an email.  "Melissa, I know we were supposed to have dinner Sunday night but we got a call and we'll be bringing home our son instead.  Sorry, I know your cooking is AMAZING but this is kinda more important."  She didn't really say that last part - I added it for fun.  Anyway, this couple, along with their two children, have adopted a baby boy named Jedidiah.

He's kinda cute.

But the whole adoption thing, as many of you know, is not free.  Actually, it's kinda 'spensive.  But we serve a Lord who owns cattle on a thousand hills and who blesses us not for our own gain, but so that we may share in extending His kingdom.

And as much a retailers would like you to think these are a good use of your extra Fall cash,  I can assure you, they are not.

I really can't begin to tell you how much the harem pant is not a good use of your cash.

However, I am quite certain, this next item is.  My friends, with the help of their artsy peeps, are holding a fundraiser to help cover the cost of bringing Jedidiah home.

Head over and check out the website.  Look around, take your time, and give however the Lord so leads you...which is not toward the harem pant.  I promise.

Thanks, internet friends!


Jen said...

those pants are awful!

Yay for adopting sweet babies!

lailani said...

Kinda cute??? Absolutely adorable!

And please tell me those pants are not back in style - if so I am completely content in my "not the latest fashion clothing" :) off to check out the link.