Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two peas in a pod.

The other morning, Trey and I were hollering, I mean gently wooing, at Graham to get his batookis downstairs because it was time to leave for a birthday party.

He comes bounding down the stairs in a white T, khaki cargo shorts, no-show socks, and his black school shoes.

With the unity that comes with experience in the ways of 'child self-dressdom', Trey and I told him he might need to change something about his outfit.  His black lace-ups with his shorts made him look a little like a grandfather.  Not my grandfather in particular, just a grandfather in general.

For the record, my grandfather, Irv, prefers trousers.  And suspenders. 

Anyway, Graham starts giving a little push-back and out of no where, Dea says, "Man, you just need to put on some slides."

We look over at Dea and Trey and I immediately crack up.  Dea is wearing Graham's exact outfit except with slides instead.  As soon as Graham realized he had accidentally dressed almost exactly like his big brother, he couldn't run upstairs to don his slides fast enough.

And try as we might, we could not persuade either one of them to set their toes free from the fashion nightmare that is sandals with socks.

It makes my feet sweaty just looking at them.


Walter said...

I'm adding this to my wardrobe. Gives me an excuse to pull stuff out of the garage sale bin.

Polly said...

priceless, what sweet brothers they are

Joyce said...

This is just too adorable!

The Hidalgo Family said...

Once again proving I have no fashion sense...outfit sounded fine to me. Good thing you don't have Luke! Bright red basketball shorts and black high tops paired with a nice plaid button down and T. Even my eyes bled.
Miss your gang.

Becca said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE this so much - totally made my day :-)

Kim said...

What handsome brothers ... even in the socks!

Candy said...

Hilarious! Dea & Graham are trendsetters.

Love em both!


Tracey said...

Love. It.
I was having a bad morning...until I read your post. FUNNY!

Ruthie said...

Love it! Comfy is in! ;)

Henley on the Horn said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

My hubs and I are youth pastors and we see the white socks and athletic slides ALL THE TIME! Especially after bball :)


Gwen said...

Made me smile a mile wide!