Monday, September 6, 2010

What's cookin'?

So, yesterday morning, I ran to the store down the street to pick up some breakfast items. It seems as though our house population increases exponentially on the weekends and, since the additions tend to be basketball playing teenage gentlemen, a bowl of cereal doesn't really suffice.

Breakfast tacos do.

Especially with fresh tortillas from the new tortillaria that just opened next to the Fiesta. Delightful.

While I was shopping, I saw that Brisket was on sale for $.99/lb. so I picked one up. I would have bought four but there was a limit of one with a $10 purchase and I'm a rule follower. I'll send Trey back today. Then, perhaps Tee. I may be a rule follower but I'm also excellent at finding a loophole.

As I'm standing in line to check out, two guys behind me start talking.

"Man, you just buyin' those ribs now? I've had mine marinating since Friday. You behind, brother."

"Naw, I'm O.K. I'm gonna put some rub on them and start them in the oven, then finish them on the grill."

"You shoulda done that yesterday. You're gonna have to crank dat heat. Make 'em tough."

Every holiday weekend, this scene plays out in our neighborhood. Giant smokers are pulled out and fired up. Before dawn, the the sweet aroma of grilled carnivorous delights fill the air. On my early morning walks, I've even tried to invite myself over for lunch once or twice. Sometimes, I get a yes - sometimes, they see my ugly dog and assume negative things about the rest of my family.

I can't blame them, really.

Anyway, so I'm checking out at the Fiesta, hearing this grilling on-upsmanship going on behind me and, finally, I had to speak up. "Guys, I'm just now buying this brisket! Y'all are stressing me out!"

"Aw, baby, you fine! You got a good rub?"

"I DON'T KNOW!?! It was on sale so I bought it! I figured we'd just do burgers!"

"BURGERS?!?!? What? You can't do burgers on a holiday! You gotta BBQ!"

Then, they started going back and forth with the best way to cook a Brisket. Thankfully, Trey wasn't with me because he'd have joined in and our children would have never gotten their breakfast.

Along with my unsolicited grilling tips, I did take a picture of this. Just for fun.

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I have to say, I'm a little curious about the scent of Really Ripped Abs.  Curious and scared, all at the same time.  Would it neutralize the smell of BBQ smoke that now covers my darling husband and makes him smell like a pit-master?

At $6.99 a bottle, we may just have to speculate. 

Y'all have a great Labor Day!


rebecca lutz said...

I really need those bbq tips! could you get more specific??

emily said...

Hope you had a great weekend. With a trip to the lake and a garage sale, the really ripped abs are seriously cracking me up, seriously. I just might give you $7 so we can figure it out.

Karin Katherine said...

What in the world? There is a black man body spray? and a $$$$ spray? I thought I had seen most everything with my years in the entertainment industry and in LA...apparently I need to come hang out in the hood with ya!

Maybe I could learn some grilling and smoking tips while I share my latest dehydrator tips? No? You don't think they will be interested?

Henley on the Horn said...

You are too funny!

Jill said...

Honey, where have you been...we have been having some really ripped abs (not) around here for years....hold off until Christmas, they will have a small trial size three pack for sale. HA! Wish I had some of those tortillas near by!