Friday, October 29, 2010


First, a couple of house-keeping items.

1. I'm so excited y'all like the crosses!!! It's so fun to see a contest bring us all together - those of us who are Aggie fans, and those of us who will say just about anything for the chance to win something cool. I can tell the latter because you spelled everything correctly. I'm sorry, self-deprecating Aggie jokes are some of my very favorite.

2. I'm sure you all have been dying to know if we are still surviving with no AC. You'll be thrilled (if you have absolutely no life) to see our thermometer reading this morning at 10am.

WHOOHOO!!! If it gets much colder in our house, it might actually snow. I'm gonna have to put on my boots with the fur.

I don't really have boots with the fur - I just like saying that.

And now for the start of our weekend...

Darius has his last high school homecoming this weekend and we've already started celebrating!

Pinkston had a parade last Saturday morning and the community really came out to watch and participate.

The football players...

Pinkston's principal...

The Color Guard...

And the parents all came out to walk, or ride, or dance through the neighborhood.

These guys are alumnus, alumnae, alumni, whatever, and rode the whole way with their speakers cranked up to some kinda crazy rap music.
These folks were from Pinkston's class of 1968 - so fun to see them!

This nice gentleman wanted to make sure I got a picture of him and his car. I offered to trade him for my old suburban that smells like slurpees and feet but he said no.


The band played.

And my kids all got a picture with the Pinkston Mascot. Funny story... years ago, our neighbor - who was the mascot at the time - put the old costume out one morning for bulk trash. Well, no way was I going to let that one get away so I picked up the giant head and the rest of the suit and took it home. From the trash. Clearly, I had not learned my lesson yet about lice, or bedbugs, or lice because we all tried it on. Ironically, it also smelled like slurpees and feet so we felt like it somehow belonged in our family. We still have it. Tee wants it to be his costume this year.

The cheerleaders threw treats to the kids - some of whom fought so vehemently over the butterscotch discs that their mommy had to take away all their candy and ban them from sugar for a week - but that's not important right now.

And we all had a great time celebrating the upcoming game and dance with our neighbors.

The Homecoming Dance will be held Saturday night at Mercy Street and the theme is...wait for it...Nightmare on Mercy Street! Oh, I can't wait! Photos to come!

Y'all have a great weekend!


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

what great photos!! and i love your description of your car "slurpees and feet"... hilarious!

These Three Kings said...

Dont you just looove when the community comes together for such festivities!! Those parades are off the chain! James Brown and Michael Jackson showed up in ours! LOL! Cant wait to see the pics of the dance!
love yall!

lailani said...

You are too funny! My sons room smells like feet. I have banned that smell from the rest of the house. Well except for my shoe holder. Unfortunately . . .

Glad the temps cooled for you and the pics of homecoming were fun.

emily said...

Good times!! I just (after hours of trying) got little sweet baby Abe down for the night, but apparently the rest of my crew is hanging with Tee at the Covenant game. :) Sorry to miss him- I had visions of wine and a movie and he had others. Love him!

Becca said...

Oh I cant wait to see homecoming pictures from the dance :-) nightmare on mercy street - perfect! :-)

Colored With Memories said...

so fun!!

we loved running into trey and sadie at the party store...looked like he was getting quite the decor!


LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

What a fabulous fun day you guys had! Love your sense of humor! Love the pics!