Monday, October 4, 2010

Nashville, here we come!

Guys, it's been a whirlwind of a week around here and I can't wait to catch you up!

About six weeks ago, we received an invitation to a dear friend's wedding in Nashville. To watch this beautiful bride walk down the aisle was something we just couldn't miss so we started planning. Some of our very favorite people in the world, Ray and Kitsie called and invited us to come stay with them for the weekend. Trey and I had barely been back to Nashville since we moved away in 1999 and were so excited at the prospect of getting back and seeing old friends and old places that were so dear to our hearts.

Tee was born at St. Thomas Hospital and has held fast to his Tennessee heritage. He's a huge Titan's fan and has learned everything he could about the state. But, he'd never actually been there. We started planning. Ray and Kitsie were wide open to the idea of us bringing the little ones along so we surprised them Wednesday afternoon with a trip out of town.

As soon as they left for school, I quickly packed all of their things, emailed their teachers and we picked them up from carpool. They were surprised to see Trey in the car so we dropped the bomb. "Guys, we're all headed to Nashville RIGHT NOW!!!"

They were ecstatic! Ray and Kitsie have kids that match up almost exactly with ours and the thought of seeing their buddies made them want to do backflips! Me too!

We drove to Memphis and all packed into one hotel room for the night. It's amazing the reaction a hotel room can elicit in a child. They were already saying it was the best vacation ever and we weren't even to Nashville yet.

We arrived Thursday morning to the most beautiful weather in Nashville we could have hoped for and the kids reconnected so quickly.

We saw old friends and the beautiful bride Thursday night,

had a yummy breakfast - well worth waiting in the line around the building - at Pancake Pantry Friday morning, ran around town all afternoon,

and then more time with friends Friday afternoon and night.

Saturday was all about games and we cheered on all the kids as they played football, more football, and soccer. Actually, Trey and I skipped the last soccer game to enjoy another of our favorite restaurants and spend time with his mom and another sweet friend, Lisa, who has also moved to Nashville.

The wedding itself was incredible and too see two people so in love and excited about starting their new lives together made us all cry several times throughout the ceremony. The reception itself was one big party and we danced so much, my feet still hurt.

Reconnecting with so many people was such a gift to our family. Trey and I have so many memories from Nashville since it was where we really started our marriage and learned to walk through life together.

This was our first house and we loved seeing it had barely changed. We built that porch rail together and planted all the landscaping on weekends one spring.

We were so blessed by our friends in Nashville then and continue to be now. It was a fabulous weekend we'll remember for a long time.

Ray and Kitsie will probably be reminded of us for a long time too since the kids may or may not have hidden snacks under one of the beds in case they got hungry in the middle of the night.

And then forgot to eat them.

It's like a treasure hunt - only not really.


Kim said...

Trying not to feel jealous that I wasn't crashing the slumber party at my good friend Kitsie's house! Or the wedding of my dear friend Mary Lauren's sister! All I can say is "what a small world!"
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Hannah G. said...

I like your shirt and my parents use to try and squeeze 7 kids plus 2 parents in a hotel room...unless of course the management caught on, then my mom would take half of us and make us sleep in the van with her. Road trips, they are best memories.

Becca said...

love it! :-) your family is just beautiful - what a fun surprise for the kiddos!

allthingsjuice said...

Wait - you started out in Nashvegas? Are you a Vandy grad? If so, me too! Sounds like a great trip. :)

Deidra said...

I'm a huge fan of the Tennessee Titans! And, when we go home to Michigan we wait in a similar line that wraps around the building - no matter what time of day - at The Original Pancake House on Woodward Avenue! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed! I took a whole day to pack to go to the fair for 4 hours.
-Christy Lafferty

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