Monday, October 25, 2010

A poor reenactment at best.

One of our snakes got out.


Orange Julius - he's gone over the wall before. Last time, he went missing for a couple of weeks and then appeared in Dea and Darius' room all hungry and frisky-like. They almost moved out.

We're not sure exactly when he escaped but we noticed him missing Saturday morning. It was the flashing VACANCY sign on his aquarium that tipped us off.

I didn't tell you because I already know what you're going to say and, I already KNOW I have let my children railroad me for not one but two snakes....and a lizard, and a fish, and a dog. No wait, the dog's mine and I love her something fierce even though she's so ugly a friend refused to pet her the other night.

I know.

Anyway, I got up at crack-of-it's-still-dark-outside-thirty to take my beloved canine for a walk. I'm groggily getting dressed in our bathroom, brushing my teeth, and pulling on my running shoes. One goes on fine but just as I'm putting my toes into the second one, I see this.


Julius was all curled up inside my shoe and my toes almost touched him...and I don't wear socks.


I screamed, Trey came running in - sure I'd seen a roach. I pointed and cried "LOOK WHAT'S IN MY SHOE!!!"

Knowing how excited Tee would be to have Julius back, Trey said something like, 'Way to go, Baby!' and quickly put that snake back in his cage safe and sound. I, on the other hand, stood there I awe of the fact I had actually maintained control of my bodily functions.

Later that morning, Tee ran up and hugged me hard, so excited I had found his beloved snake...and then I went to the store and purchased hair coloring in a box to cover the new grays I'm sure I'll be welcoming soon.

Good night.


Henley on the Horn said...

I am speechless. Totally speechless.

Becca said...

Oh good heavens. How do snakes ALWAYS get out? That's the only reason I will refuse to have a snake. ha. I say that now like Adam doesnt do what he wants :-)

Deidra said...

You and your snakes. Good thing that one's so cute!

Process Mapping Blog said...

WOW...sure glad you found Julius. Speaking of Julius it reminded me to update you on our trip. We are coming on the 26th and leaving on the 29. The Hilton hotel chain does not allow pets so Julius and Oliver Twist will have to stay at your house.


Meg said...

Ha! What a thing to wake up to in the morning! Corn snakes are notorious for pulling the Houdini act!

I work at my local zoo in the summers...and our milk snake went MIA for over a month.

Do you have sliding doors? Put a ruler, pencil, twig or something to keep the doors shut.

Joyce said...

I stuck my foot in an outdoor shoe recently only to discover a giant slug residing there. I still have not recovered.

Snake in the shoe? Shudder!!

Polly said...

hilarious! Glad you survived

All Sufficient Grace said...

WOW I have no words.