Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're hot.

I was all excited to write something fun and witty and charming this morning but I've been distracted. And I'm a little cranky.

September utility bills came and our electric bill was so high I had to use math with "carrying". After graduating from college, I vowed to NEVER do that again and being forced to by TXU made me a little bitter.

Trey thought it was high-time for a Hill Household Experiment - No AC for the Whole Month of October.

Thankfully, we started October with a blessed cool front and were able to shut off the AC without being miserable. Actually, we were out of town - staying at our friends' who believe strongly in the air conditioner - and the big boys were home being sanctified through our frugal-ness. At least that's what we told them.

We probably should have brought them a T-shirt or something.


Since then, we've been enveloped with what has to be the hottest October in history. Mornings are fine but afternoons are a killer and even though I look at Trey with my 'sad face', and the kids have made subtle comments like, "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!!", Trey has not budged.

I usually like his tenacity. Sometimes, it's a thorn in my side.

This afternoon, highs in Dallas are already at - wait, let me check my weather app. - Oh my stars!!! 78 degrees!!!

Ok, as I write that, it just doesn't sound as horrible as it is but hear me out. Cooking dinner is a torture because the oven heats up the whole kitchen. I beg for reasons to run errands just so I can drive in my car which has fabulous, and unmonitored AC, and I've resorted to drinking iced tea because as much as I hate to admit's far more refreshing than Diet Coke.

I will regret saying that as long as I live.

I used to long for the cool, crisp Autumn weather so I could wear boots and scarves and have an excuse not to exercise. Now, I have a bigger dream and it involves being able to blow-dry my hair without sweating.

I'm sorry you've just spent two minutes of your life reading my rant. They're minutes you've lost forever - you can never get them back.

And, I know there are people all across this country and world who never have AC and I really should treat this experiment as an opportunity to learn patience and lots of other things I can't type out right now because the keyboard is making my wrists hot.

You're right and, by golly, I'm going to start... right after I go stand in front of the open freezer.


The Hidalgo Family said...

Big baby!

happygeek said...

We don't have air conditioning. At all.
Some tips:
use your crockpot. YOu can even roast a chicken in it. Doesn't heat up the house.
Big salads with grilled meat for supper. Better for you anyway.
If you have a basement and a whole house fan, use the fan to draw the air from the basement and cool the house that way.
Homemade smoothies for lunch!
Dry your clothes outside on the line. The dryer can heat up the house too.
If your water is not metered, let the kids run in the sprinkler after school. Join em for a minute or two.
And for what it's worth, it snowed Friday. I'd be VERY happy with 78 right about now.

farmhousewife said...

haha~ i moved to nc from ca nearly four years ago and i am such a big baby every summer. to top it all off we live in a 1890's farmhouse.

i particularly enjoyed todays cranky rant. keep on keepin' on!


Karin Katherine said...

There are no words. A saint you are. Because I will tell you that I'd be turning that bad boy on.

I'm a Floridian. I don't know a time that our a/c hasn't been on and no one I know has EVER opened their windows. Heck, in most of the newer houses the windows don't even open at all---they call them hurricane windows.

How are your frequent flier points?
I'm just sayin'....

Hannah "I can't believe I'm your friend" Garippa said...










TN Mimi said...

Does your electric service offer average billing? It's a big help. Check it out!

Dianne said...

Sorry, 78 does not qualify as hot. That's as low as we ever set our AC, ours is usually set at 80.

Close your blinds on the sunny side of the house and don't open your windows unless it is cooler outside than inside (so, closed all morning, open in evening/overnight). You'll make it!

Traci said...

I feel your pain- 80 is definitely hot when it is accompanied by it's mistress, Humidity. Hang in there- 34 days to Thanksgiving- surely it will be cool by then!

Deidra said...

You make me laugh out loud right here at my computer desk!

I remember thinking it was unbearably hot, and I wondered why the heat seemed to overcome me in waves. Then I realized that no one else was hot. Just me. So I checked my license to verify my age. Aha! It WAS just me!

S said...

I second the crock-pot motion. We do lots of shredded meat sandwiches in the summer. French dip sandwiches are the most popular, followed by BBQ pulled pork or chicken sandwiches. There's even a spice packet for that recipe.

Becca said...

This made me laugh. But I apologize for laughing at your pain. Seriously, I'm a totally suck when it comes to heat - I might die. I blame the fact that I'm Canadian.

I Just Want A Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, Hood Mama. I feel your pain. Well, actually, I don't currently feel it since we could have made two car payments with the "cheddar" we dropped on our last electric bill. Ugh! However, I understand because my dad used to conduct similar experiments. However, now that I'm married, I think my husband knows that taking the A/C away from a pre-menopausal late 30's woman is like going to a dog show in Milkbone pants. had "carrying" math in college?! A&M, huh?? ;P

lp said...

78 is unbearably hot. Bless your heart. I am not being sarcastic. But I feel your pain on the energy bill. And I am sorry you are suffering in the heat- it is my fault- you see I was pregnant this summer- it made it automatically the hottest summer on record. Since my daughter. :)

emily said...

Oh wow! I must admit that I was really happy to return to A/C after 2 weeks without it. Welcome to come hang here anytime. :)

Alicia said...

I feel your pain! I HATE to be hot. We have lived in our home for 11 years. Every summer, our air conditioned has never been able to keep up and the temps in our house usually hit 82-83 and our bill is SKY high, even in a small home. I could not cook at all inside. This summer, the AC decided it could no longer struggle and we had to replace it. Not the best time to spend the money, but oh the cool temps it brought were worth every penny. Hang in there, it is almost November!!

Maxine said...

Quit sniveling:) You can have our electric bill any day especially in the summer, which by the way lasts from April to November. We keep the house between 82-84 (which is still a whole lot cooler than the 110 +/- degrees outside) 78 we'd go broke!

You're tough, you'll make it!

Leonore Owsley said...

You guys giving Melissa a hard time for complaining about the heat need to give her a break.

I lived without air conditioning for three years, but it was in a part of the country where there was no humidity and homes were built with better ventilation. You hardly suffered and when you did you had a nice cool basement and the windows all opened.

Here in Texas the humidity makes 78 feel lots hotter. 85 according to Mr. Google. Plus, I bet in her neighborhood windows are painted shut or other wise well secured. And we don't have basements in Texas and I know no one with a house or attic fan.

I'm betting Melissa has big girl panties on most days. Hang in there! November is almost here.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaaa...Here in San Diego we rarely use our AC. But when we do (portable) it gets so cold that my wife cannot sleep. Love you...B.

Leventhal Family said...

You are cracking me up! Yes, a bit of drama, but then again my AC just clicked on so I'm off to bed! :)

ecrosstexas (Eric Wallace) said...
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ecrosstexas (Eric Wallace) said...

Show around for a new electric company. I recently switched from TXU to ChampionEnergy. I am saving almost 45%. My rate is less than 9 cents/kWh.

Better still, they gave me a $5 credit to switch to electronic billing. And they want to give me and you (Melissa and all your readers) a $25 credit when you switch to them. Just give them referral id EWALLACE10872.

Save money and stay cool!

lailani said...

lol! I came to see this post...and I am with you. After the almost $500 utility bill, and the extra electricity to get my heart pumping again, we have cut back where ever we can. We place fans in couple the windowa at night - blowing out to suck cool air in from a few other open windows. If I can get the house down to 69 or lower in the morning, and shut the windows for the day, the house stay's comfortable when the afternoon temps hit the mid to upper 80's. Received this past month's power bill last week - down $200. Whooot! But we will see what happens when the humidity and temps at night shoot back up next week :( sad.... best of luck going a/c-less :)

Coneymama said...

What Trey doesn't understand is that those of us who have passed 40 and those or you who are approaching, begin to have our own "private summers." A hormonal and hot woman is not to be messed with...just sayin.