Monday, November 15, 2010

Neighborhood Potluck

Friday, I needed you. I needed your recipes. I needed your pie-expertise and you answered the call. Mercy Street was having a pie cook-off and, although I'm really not competitive at all, I had to win.

Reading that last part does seem like a little bit of a contradiction but I assure you, my motives were completely pure - I had to beat the fire outta my nine year old.

I mean, look at her. She's a force to behold in the kitchen.

The problem was, with end of the year flag football games and parties in the morning, and the general running around I had to do before the event, I kind of ran out of time to make all your pie recipes.

I was willing to enter eight pies and perhaps increase my chances by sheer odds but time was my enemy.

I made this pie first because Trey was a judge and his favorite is apple. It also has the Mercy Street Logo cut out of the crust because I'm nothing if not a suck-up.

Can you see it? It really did look cool but that may not translate in the picture Tee took on his lap, in the car, on the way to the Potluck, with my phone.

Unfortunately, instead of Trey being a judge, they brought in the big guns: Pastry Chef Laura.

Seriously, look at her in her pink chef's coat. Intimidating to say the least.

One pie I did get to make of your recipes, though, was the Banana Caramel Pie from Dina. If I'm perfectly honest, when a recipe has the words "might explode" in it - I'm gonna try it. I've put the recipe on my Recipe Page along with some others you sent me because they sounded so awesome and I can't wait to spend my Thanksgiving break trying them all. With milk. And stretchy pants.

Here were the final entries.

The little girl on the left with glasses is Daisha. She's my Mother-in-Law's mentee and so sweet. I was actually running so late that I assembled my pie in the Mercy Street kitchen with Daisha's help. She did such a good job smashing Macadamia Nuts that I put her name on the pie.

Guess who won First Place? Daisha - and her Caramel Banana Cream Pie! WHOOHOO!!! She went home with 50 American Dollars! Thanks, Dina!

Olivia, even though she won second place with her Coconut Cream, has just started speaking to me again. Not really. She was a great sport and, along with the whole community, really loved the event.

Everyone got plenty to eat.

Plenty of fellowship in the beautiful weather.

And plenty of horseback riding.

The community really came out in droves, bringing their favorites and stayed until sunset laughing, playing, and enjoying one another.

It's days like this one that affirm to all of us why we're here - to see a community transformed into one that delights in the Lord's greatest creation - His people.

And his pies.


Becca said...

oh I am about to go get that recipe because banana caramel? yum!

Jen said...

It was good to chat with you on Saturday and YES you did win. :)

But I am for sure going to try that pie...I am a sucker for a easy, contest-winning pie.

Hope you are staying warm ;)

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

your pie looks great!! congratulations!

Henley on the Horn said...

Wonderful post! I'm going to do a Mercy Street post this year as I spotlight different ministries. Can't wait!

Polly said...

great post! Can't wait to try some pies inspired from you. I have a weekly pie party with my daughter, stop by my blog sometime.

Dina said...

Way to Go! I am so glad the banana caramel pie was a winner! I am also really impressed you found 4 hours in your day to boil some caramel.

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Your posts are SO much fun to read!!!! Your seriously adorably funny! And that pie looked amazing... I have no idea how you did that logo...amazing!

Candy said...

You were the best, Melissa, to share your first place pie (that you actually made) with sweet Dayisha! I know she was blessed beyond belief to receive the $50.

Thank you for "considering others better than yourself!"