Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random 2. Or 3.

Two things.

1. In yesterday's post, I may have inadvertantly undersold the fabulousness of being able to make caramel by boiling a can of Eagle Brand for four hours. KEEP IT UNDER WATER! I actually boiled two cans because I'm both a skeptic and have a sweet tooth. I was also committed enough to the whole pie contest that I started boiling the stuff at 9:30p.m. and set my alarm for 1:30a.m. to take it off the burner. That, my friends, is resolve. Or crazy. Either one.

The fun thing is that, for the past four mornings now, I've woken up to my alarm going off at 1:30a.m. I get up, turn it off, and go back to sleep (READ: Trey gets up, turns it off, goes back to bed while I barely stir). Then, I forget all about the alarm (or at least him telling me about the alarm) until it happens all over again.

Because I love him, I'm turning it...hang on...ok...here we go...OFF...now. Much to Trey's delight, my selflessness sometimes takes days to actually manifest itself.

The kids and I ate an entire can of caramel with spoons for breakfast Saturday morning. Let the Mom of the Year nominations begin.

2. On another note, I heard a quote the other day from George Grant. He was the famous inventor of the golf tee but that's not the one I'm talking about. This George Grant is actually a pastor, author, and all around smarty pants. He spoke at a Covenant event the other night and said something I've been thinking about for days. I like it.

"May the works of our hands bear witness to the faith of our lives."

3. Sadie is finishing a class project as we speak. She just ran upstairs and yelled, "Guys! Come look! My sea turtle looks like poop!" Trey, who has been working with her for hours, shook his head in defeat because, as she stands in front of her class and gives her first presentation on Thursday, she may just include that observation.

That was actually three things but Quincy has been here talking over my shoulder for the past few minutes and I may have lost concentration along the way.

Can you understand why? He's saying something about his new girlfriend, Shayla, so I'd better give him my undivided attention.

Y'all have a good night.


Lea said...

Ok, seriously...that boiling the cans of Eagle Brand thing you mention? Under water for 4 hours? Surely you boiled them until they became caramel, mixed them up with a touch of real whipped cream, poured them in a graham cracker crust, and served the. best. caramel. pie. you have ever put in your mouth!! With real whipped cream on top, of course! Had I read your posts last Friday, I SO would have sent you this! But you won anyway, so congrats!

Loving the crosses! :)

Kim said...

I used to make dulce de leche that way, back in the day before it became readily available at my local Wally World Super Center even though we had no hispanic community to speak of in our podunk little town in rural Michigan.

Yes, we learned to let the cans cool properly before trying to open. I'm pretty sure we were cleaning caramel off the walls and ceiling for months.

Now I live in Argentina where we have upteen brands of dulce de leche and I have to admit, I'm a little tired of it... it tends to make an appearance in every "postre" served at every event.

Polly said...

I made the pie! I made the pie! It was so fabulous and gooey and decidedly not fat free. Our family gave it high ratings. So glad you warned of possible explosions! Thank you for sharing!