Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Redemption and collard greens.

Even though it's been a few days, Sadie and I are still celebrating the do-over that was granted Thursday afternoon. She did great and Graham, Olivia, and Tee even came out of class to watch. Perhaps they were worried I might not show again and they could together make up for my absence.
No need. I was there 30 minutes before she was supposed to present with my nose pressed up against the window, fogging up the glass with my breathing.

That was one tough lesson and I've found it so true that what doesn't kill us at least shames us enough to double check our calendar next time.

On another note, I made collard greens Thursday night for Darius' class' Thanksgiving potluck. Apparently, he told his beautiful teacher that I made really good greens and she asked that I contribute those to the meal. I suffered no small amount of shame when I had to confessed that the only greens I've ever served were from a can. It was a not a proud moment.

Just because I've never made them, though, doesn't mean I don't love them and I asked if she'd let her class be my very first tasters. She was willing and I was petrified.

Why? The dirt. All I've ever heard about cooking greens is that they're actually not that hard, you just have to MAKE SURE YOU WASH THEM LIKE CRAZY! The worst thing is to bite into a forkful of beautiful collards only to be met with grit.

The worst thing.

I washed them like a precious newborn babe. Eight giant bunches of them.

While I was washing, I brought my water to a nice boil and added my neck bones and seasoning just like Paula Deen told me to in a vision, or on the Food Network. Even though everyone from Darius' teacher to the lady behind me in line at the grocery store told me how to make 'em, I just felt better with a recipe I could quadruple.

Note: when quadrupling a recipe, you might think twice about quadrupling the salt. If you do, your greens might turn out tasting good but slightly over salted producing post-consumption eye puffiness and extreme thirst.

Like you've been walking for hours in a desert.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, I'd love to show you pictures of Sadie and my first attempt at collard greens but my computer's hard drive is bidding me a slow and painful farewell so I'm having to type this whole thing on my phone while driving to San Antonio for Thanksgiving.

That, my friends, is commitment. Or a way to look distracted so I don't have
to do the "Sic Em, Bears" claw thing with the rest of the car as we drive through Waco.

Seriously. Trey made us. And the whole thing makes me, at Baylor, it's ok to basically encourage your team to claw your opponent's face off like a ferocious wild animal but you'd better not dance the two-step.

Just one of the things that makes me go hmmmmm.

Happy Thanksgiving from me and my jive turkeys!

Gig Em.


Henley on the Horn said...

You are so funny. I agree with you. Kill your opponents, but you better not be dancing while you do it! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I just love your blog!!!!

The Pennington Point said...

Oh I just had to comment on the Baylor drive by. I went to Baylor and that is EXACTLY the rule. Cracked me up! Enjoy San Antonio, my neck of the woods. Happy Thanksgiving! Lisa~

Anonymous said...

There ain't nothin' better than collard greens and corn bread (I can show you how to make little mountains with the corn bread over the collard greens that my grandma taught me). It's good cooked in a little fatback grease. Boy, that's sure bringing out my roots, for good or ill. Would love to have you guys over soon.

the Laffertys

Kate in Austin said...

Love to read your blog. You are a funny girl. Gig'em!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

glad to hear you got a "do-over!" and that your first collard experience went well!!