Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where I've been.

I know it's been a few days since I posted and my excuse cup runneth over. Kind of like my children who leave their shoes downstairs by the couch for four days in a row because the newest Phineas and Ferb Christmas Episode is coming up and somehow, the anticipation erases everything else from their brain.

I'm not bitter.

Actually, I would have posted if I'd had a computer but mine decided to erase everything from it's hard drive and then die. Thankfully, I had everything backed up so all our pictures weren't lost. Everything it seems except my Christmas card address list.

It's kind of important.

Especially around Christmas - when I'm trying to send out cards. Trey promises he'll be able to find it so, baby, the pressure is on. And, since I don't even have a picture of our family yet, he's got some time. I'm nothing if not a poor planner.

Actually, last year, I had the picture snapped at Thanksgiving but since the big boys weren't with us in San Antonio, I couldn't get 'er done. Now, we'll have to find a time to gather all our family together when we're decently dressed, ie: not pajamas, and have Hannah come over and play photographer. She'll probably cut my head off in all the shots just to be snarky so if you get a card and my head is cut off, or my eyes are closed, or I just look generally ridiculous while the rest of the family looks beautiful, it's not me, it's Hannah. Totally Hannah.

On another note, Mercy Street had their annual fundraising luncheon on Thursday morning. As I've said before, I love people who surprise you. Dr. Anthony Gordon was our guest speaker and he's been a mentor and friend to Trey for some time. He's an incredible man of God and has encouraged my husband tremendously but is very quiet and soft-spoken.

We're alot alike that way.

When he walked up on stage, he began quietly but, within minutes, the Holy Spirit filled him with boldness and a fervor befitting the best of preachers. He has been in ministry, especially inner-city ministry - for 33 years and his passion is unmatched. He spoke of the beauty of Christ actually grafting us into His family and how we have the opportunity, moreso the call, to do the same with our families in our community. To say he was inspiring would be an understatement and we're so thankful for his presence and his commitment to Mercy Street and West Dallas.

Mercy Street will be graduating our first class of Seniors this Spring and four of our kids were at the luncheon. It was great seeing these young men and women stand onstage and say where they plan to attend college and what their majors might be. And to see their pictures from when they first started in the program was priceless.

Here's Larry 7 years ago...

And here he is now, on the left, with our friend Jamie...

What a gift it's been to walk with him all these years.

And finally, another good friend of both Trey and Anthony flew in for the night to have dinner with both men. Danny Wuerffel heads Desire Street Ministries and happens to be a very humble past Heisman Trophy Winner and ex-NFL Quarterback.

And a good sport because only scoffed a little when I asked him if I could take a picture with him doing the Heisman.

He asked if I even knew how to do it right.

"Absolutely." But he saw the fear in my eyes.

Then I quickly pulled Anthony aside so he could show me.

Totally busted.

Despite his better judgment, Danny posed anyway and Trey took this ridiculous picture of me posing wrong and Danny trying not to die of embarrassment - in front of our couch covered with a blanket so Scout can be comfortable and not get hair on the sofa.

I was also wearing house-shoes with my trousers but Trey managed to crop those out of the photo. Or I did. Whatever.

And if you look really close, just to the left of Danny, you can see where Scout chewed a piece of fabric off of my couch five years ago. Three days after I'd had it recovered - which I'd saved my pennies for a year to do.

Humility doesn't knock - it just keeps barging right on through my door, doesn't it?

Y'all have a great weekend.


Candy said...

This was great! It was a full week, for sure.
So fun to see those seniors all grown up, heading to college, and then to see the pics from 7 years ago. Praise the Lord for His work in each life.

Anthony WAS amazing. Loved his handling of God's Word, His passion AND especially, His humility-- so very rare!

Loved meeting Danny too. And now we rest and trust the Lord for the fruit of our labors, to bring forth the donations that allow the ministry to flourish.

Never even notice the missing fabric on the couch. Guess it's 'cause I had sofa pillows with stuffing coming out because of a former canine resident here.

Blessed Lord's Day!


These Three Kings said...

ahahhaha! I love the pic of you and Danny! Isnt Anthony a amazing! Every time I hear him speak I get goose bumps and know the Lord is there! I am so encouraged by the photo of Larry, that encourages me with our kids, to continue to press! Redemption and Resurrection is all around us!!

Becca said...

Love that picture of you! :-)

Deidra said...

I always always always LOVE my visits here.

Did I say always?

TDM Wendy said...

It kind of looks like you are going to punch him. Did you?