Monday, January 10, 2011

Bowl O' Cotton.

First of all, I think Scout has something to say to you...

I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I called Tucker "Taco". It was's just that he reminds me of a little, tasty, crunchy, sna...nevermind.

A few of you have asked what kind of dog Tucker is. He's a "teacup Maltipoo" and pretty stinkin' cute. I use the quotes because, like Scout (labradoodle), Maltipoos are somewhat of a designer dog because they're usually carefully bred so you get the best of both breeds. But, also like Scout, it seems as though his crossbreeding was more like a crawl under the fence sort of accident, resulting in a kind of knock-off on seedy Canal Street in NYC kinda thing, and therefore, the price was right. For Santa, of course. We prefer to call them both junkapoos.

So, Friday night Trey and I and some friends headed wester than West Dallas for the 75th Cotton Bowl Classic at Cowboys' Stadium. And, although we are biblically one-flesh, and have been married for 15.5 years, Trey used "Man-Rules" to get out of wearing a Texas A&M t-shirt to the game. "You know, if you didn't actually go to the school, you can't officially wear the shirt."

Really? Hmmm. What about when your kids go there?

Totally different, if it's your kids. Man-Rule.

Seriously? Seriously.

Thankfully, we were with lots of others who were sportin' some sweet maroon and white. Our friends had a tailgate before the game and, according to Trey when asked by our kids, the second best thing about the game was Mr. Leftwich's Homebrew...and his sandwich.

They were both AWESOME! By the way, his first thing was 'being with momma' which he only said to make up for the fact that he wouldn't wear the shirt.

On the way into the stadium, Carrie and I saw this little number and had to venture inside. It was some kinda crazy, tricked-out, limo-bus with strobe lights and a wet-bar. There's actually another shot where we look scared for our lives because the van started filling with it's much over-served occupants who were asking us to stay awhile. We, however, reached deep into our bag of tricks and got outta there in a split-second.
"Nine kids. We've got nine kids between us!"
Finally, inside the stadium, we realized that Jerry Jones really is trying to take over the world, one Jumbotron at a time.

The presentation of the flag.

And the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band both gave me chills.

The Tigers being this close to the end zone one more time did not.

Although we were out-scored, we had a great time.
One of the old Aggie traditions is that when the team scores, you get to kiss your date. It's a fun tradition unless, of course, you refuse to wear the t-shirt of your spouse's alma mater. Then, you get a warm high-five. And a cold shoulder. ;)


Linda said...

So fun that you met up with the Ratliffs! Love the picture! I am hoping to someday go to a game again...although I side with you - there is NO way I could get Troy to wear A&M garb - he would probably show up in his University of Michigan apparel! I also love your dogs - they are totally cute! Love, Linda

Process Mapping Blog said...

I had my A&M hat on during the game!
Just to "Gig-Him", I have changed Trey's ringtone to the A&M fight song!

And Tucker is almost as cute as Bailey!

Karin Katherine said...

You always make me smile. Yes, mentioning my FIVE kids seems to turn men off over here too. Not sure why that is?!

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, how my son wishes he could have taken Trey's place. He would have worn maroon with pride. He hopes to attend A&M. My grandfather would have been proud to see how much my boy likes A&M, since my grandpa was in The Corp.

Glad you had fun. More glad you didn't have to make a phone call miles away at some gas station after you escaped that tricked out bus.

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emily said...

Where was Carries purple in yellow?? Glad you had a little Atown fun.
Moody and I have had similar "discussions" over me wearing black and red or double t sweaters given to me from my MIL :)

Candy said...

Let me say that Scout serves as reminder that there may be one less photogenic than
moi! Hilarious pictures of her in the past two posts.

Sorry about the Aggie defeat but thankful for the fun had by all.