Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I guess there's no need to come up with a Superhero name.

So, over Christmas, Trey gave me a much needed new laptop. He researched, and bargained, and cajoled several retailers and surprised me Christmas morning. Then, nada, zip, zilch. We, for the life of us couldn't get the thing to work like it was supposed to. Perhaps it's because he may or may not have bought it out of the trunk of a Chevy Impala just before midnight on Christmas Eve.

Or, perhaps, it was me.

And, since Trey did not, if fact, buy the computer out of the trunk of a Chevy Impala, we concluded that it was indeed, me.

I swear, all joking aside, there have been several moments that we have both looked at each other and thought I have some sort of electromagnetical force that prohibits my computer from actually connecting to the internet. Kind of like a super-hero except without the strength or agility. Literally, everyone else in the house could connect except me - including - and evidenced by a previous post - my dog.

So, over the course of the last few weeks, I have spent hours on the phone with various technical support representatives from both my ISP and the laptop manufacturer. They were all named Stan. Odd.

Then, yesterday, out of the clear blue sky, all the doohickeys that make a computer talk through the space/time continuum to the internets came together in a beautiful symphony.

It looked like this...


We didn't know what to do! Trey was both bewildered and a little hesitant to hand the computer over to me fearing I might short out the thing with my super-charged touch (and not the good kind)

But, to my delight, I'm all up and running and have changed the password so Scout can't hack in anymore because I wasn't born yesterday. As we speak, I'm sitting in a little spot out in public sipping a little something-something and enjoying my newfound mobile-ness and lamenting the fact that I am not actually a superhero.

Starbucks you ask? No. That would be McDonald's because those fries aren't gonna eat themselves.

And, on that note, it reminds me of a little randomness I'm going to share since nothing super exciting happened this weekend except we celebrated the life of one of the greatest proponents of the Civil Rights Movement ever.

One day, I met a friend for lunch at a little, cute, healthy lunch place in Dallas. That night, my bank called to tell me they had frozen my account because an unusual purchase had flagged it.

"Um, excuse me but, it's in Dallas. What was so unusual about it

"Yes, ma'am, I understand your confusion. It's just that you've never made a purchase there before."

"Seriously? So if it had been at, say, McDonald's, no problem.?"

Silently reviewing my account."Yes, ma'am. A purchase at McDonald's would have been consistant with your spending habits and would not have flagged your account.

And that's why I am not a superhero.


Candy said...

Oh, come on! Let's get your readers to give you a Superhero name. You have a lot of cleverness in your readership. I just don't happen to be one of the clever ones. However..... readers, post those names.

So thankful you're connected! The posts were too few and far-between.


Henley on the Horn said...

You're better than a super hero in my book! How fun that you are FINALLY CONNECTED! And stay away from those healthy eating places if they flag your bank account and all! :)

Kim said...

So glad your back online!
And with Chinese New Year approaching, I am so glad I get a 2nd chance at starting (and sticking to) New Years resolutions to end my Christmas binge on comfort foods. Or else the fraud department might freeze my credit card too. And that would prevent me from buying the much needed larger size of jeans.