Friday, February 4, 2011

Circle of life.

As we enter day four of Dallas Winter Extravaganza 2011, I am - despite my earlier claims of being the most creative, fun, and exciting mom ever - running out of things to do.

I actually never claimed to be all those things. Really. Would you please tell my children?

Actually, yesterday, we had a moment of Nature Study right here in the 'hood and now, because we have been cooped up for 72 hours straight and I have nothing else to talk about, I will tell you the story.

Temperatures have not been above 25 degrees since Monday evening so it was not surprising for us to find a bunny, frozen solid, underneath Dea's car yesterday morning. It was actually not a bunny but a large hare. Bunny is just more fun to say.

Bunny. Bunny.

Try it with me.

Anyway. The kids were all sad and wanting to have a funeral but we certainly couldn't bury the thing - "ground's too hard". Saying that, I felt just like Jeff Bridges in True Grit when he couldn't bury the bodies of the men he'd just killed because winter was nary upon them.

Great movie, by the way. I was thinking though, as I was watching, how bad everyone probably smelled back then. You know, without Right Guard and the like.

Anyway, we were observing the dead bunny from the window when we saw a feral cat walk up and start eating it. Lovely.

The children were aghast and I could see this quickly downward spiraling into something nightmares are made of. So, being the super-quick thinker I am, I just casually started talking about the Circle of Life, and how the Lord has provided for the cat with the death of the bunny. Bunny. Bunny. Bunny.

And then I distracted them with television and candy.

It reminds me of the time Tee was very, very little and we were sitting in our backyard watching a locust come out of his shell. Patiently we waitied as the locust's wings dried and he slowly moved them readying them for his first flight into the sweet summer air.

His first attempt failed and he fell softly to the ground making the beautiful buzz that locust are known for. At the sound, Samson, our beloved lab, sauntered slowly up and ate the locust right before our eyes.

Tee turned his chunky little face to me eyes wide, stunned, and speechless. I, holding back my gag reflex, casually told him how some living creatures provide food for other living creatures. It's how God made things.

"But, Momma, I thought that's what the dog food was for?"

"Buddy, how 'bout we go turn on cartoons and eat candy. Okay?"

Works every time.



Erika Marie said...

i just got caught laughing out loud in a quiet church office after reading this post. What a hilarious story!!!

Ok, I had a suggestion, too, for you and your brood. Have you ever used or played with "google earth" before? You can pretty much "travel" anywhere on the earth and see some pretty fun things. Try google earth-ing (new verb) your's pretty fun. =)

Good luck with the snow and thanks for bringing a smile to my day!

Kim said...

Oh girl ... you never disappoint.
But somehow the timing of your bunny story as we ring in The Year of The Bunny for Chinese New Year in Asia seems even more crazy!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Daisy Girl said...

You're funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Michelle said...

Dude - God Bless You - I love reading your posts!!! Seriously - makes me laugh at my desk - and we ALL need more of that!!!