Tuesday, February 1, 2011

They're mocking us.

On the day that marks the arrival to Dallas of most of the Super Bowl media, we are having some of the worst weather of Winter 2011.

I experienced the full brunt of the brutal cold this morning at 4:37 when Tucker decided he had to use the outdoor facilities. The wind was howling so hard and sleet coming in sideways that he wouldn't walk out into the yard unless I went with him. In my bathrobe.

I then came in, turned off all the alarms and sent out a text cancelling this morning's bible study because the kids for sure weren't having school. I immediately got a text back from Hannah, mocking me for cancelling bible study. She said something like...or exactly..."It's just a little rain. Wimp."

Hmmm. I wonder if her sentiments changed this morning when her car door was frozen shut and she couldn't make her morning run to Starbucks to nurse her raging coffee addiciton. Maybe.

Hannah, how those shakes workin' for ya?

Ok, honestly, Hannah isn't really addicted. Last time I saw her, she was actually drinking some sort of tea. Whatever. I'll find her new achilles heel soon enough.

And truthfully, Hannah was just verbalizing what everyone here for the Super Bowl is thinking. Do you think they'd cancel school and all city services for a little snow and freezing rain? NO! In Pittsburg, they're laughing and Green Bay, I can't even imagine what they're thinking. Not good things. Not good.

So, on our unexpected snow day, we've been trying our best to creatively find things to do.

1. House Scavenger Hunt. Trey hid something in the house and then the kids had to find it. Whoever found it first got $1. When Trey was having to move money from our savings to pay the kids, he'd figured we'd played enough rounds.

2. Cooking. We've made french toast, hot chocolate, grilled cheese, soup, smothered pork chops, brownies, and Cosmopolitans.

We haven't really made Cosmopolitans. Trey says they're 'girly drinks' and is already ashamed enough that the world has to see our city shutting down in light of 1/4" of slush.

3. Watching Scout and Tucker play. As much as Scout would deny it, they're actually becoming really good little buddies. Watching them play is hilarious because Tucker just jumps around and Scout has to lay down totally flat so they can be at eye level. I have a video but unlike your great Aunt Nellie and her vacation slides, I'm sparing you the boredom.

4. Pretending we're CSI and trying to figure out the mystery sender of Tee's anonymous Valentine. It was in his cubby yesterday. No name. Just signed: 'Love ?'. If I could drive in this mess, I'd get it to the crime lab for fingerprinting and handwriting analysis. Unfortunately, I can't because, well, I don't have chains, or snow tires, or the resolve of my wooly Americans yonder North.

5. We're kind of running out of things to do so I guess I'm going to get off this computer and get out of my bathrobe so I can go downstairs and harrass Darius and his girlfriend who are watching a movie in the living room. You know, like walk in and out of the room spontaneously. Remind them in a sing-songy voice about keeping four feet on the floor, and pry innappropriately into her goals and dreams for her future, past relationships, and her personal commitment to abstinance.

On second thought, maybe I'll stay in my bathrobe and house shoes. It can only add to the effect.

Stay warm!


Ann Marie said...

From a Wisconsinite and huge Packer fan it is pretty funny how weather affects different parts of the country...we have a snow day tomorrow but we are getting 12-18 inches and 50 mph winds tonight. Really though we're just jealous of the weather you have most of the year!

Henley on the Horn said...

Thank goodness you haven't lost your sense of humor.

and 2 became 5 said...

we're southern. gifted in lots of areas. the cold rain is not one of them. enjoy :)

Birdie Pearl said...

I'm with you. I have cooked more today than I did for the holidays. What are we going to do tomorrow and another "snow day." I like your scavenger hunt idea! Stay warm and let the Steelers and the Packers laugh. I'm staying by my fire.

Anonymous said...

You are truly funny. My question is why can my OSU Cowboy and 1000 of his coeds make it to a basketball game, but they cancel class the next day? Although they are all whining via facebook, especially the Texans, that Texas has cancelled school while they still have 10" with more today. We might change the name to the Cowboy Packers - yikes, that doesn't sound so good. My college boy said OSU's attempt at snow removal was inadequate at the best. His father has taught him well!