Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am not the boss of cake.

Hey, guys! Thanks for all of your supportive emails and comments from Tuesday's post. I know there are so many of us walking through this right now and it makes me feel better knowing we're not alone and that efforts are being made across the country on behalf of our kids.

They involve homeschooling college and becoming conscientious objectors so we've got those two going for us.

On another note, yesterday was Sadie's 7th birthday.

She had two requests. A box of rubber gloves and an ice cream cake. She likes to fill the rubber gloves up with water, draw faces on them, and then treat them like babies until they break all over the carpet from over-handling. The ice cream cake she just likes to eat - not mother it or anything.

So, like the fabulous mother that I am, I didn't buy her a box of rubber gloves but instead bought her a craft project that broke 1.23 seconds into box removal. Way to go, Mom! That's what my other children said in unison as Sadie's birthday hopes were dashed to pieces 45 minutes into her day.

So, for sure, I'd redeem myself on the ice cream cake that I would of course go buy from Marble Slab or Cold Stone. Or I'd make it from scratch. Uh huh, that's a GREAT idea. Because I've made so many before? Not so much.

Actually, the flavor was fabulous. It was the design that had a slight flaw. You see, when you try to spread buttercream icing across a frozen layer of ice cream, the butter solidifies and won't stick to the sides creating a cake that is not so easy on the eyes.

Dude! Look at that thing! The great thing was that I had to keep it frozen so I transported it in this beautiful beer cooler which only added to the presentation.

I'm pretty sure Buddy would have voted me off cake island. Especially in my futile attempt to distract from the ugly middle with an Oreo cake-belt which was just further proof that, if you want to hide your middle, a belt is not the answer.

Did I mention how good it tasted? The cake part was the very famous Collins Street Chocolate Cake and it was filled, at Sadie's request, with Blue Bell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. At least I got one request right.

Anyway, all was made right in her world when her daddy picked her up from school with a brand new box of rubber gloves, and her grandparents took her to Maple and Motor for dinner. Their burgers are a balm for the soul.

Our baby, Sadie has celebrated one more birthday too fast and I'm savoring the fact that she's still over the moon with simple things and full of grace for her momma.

And for this stinky brother.


Hannah G. said...

I praise the Lord that she still yells "HANNAHHHH!" whenever I walk into a room. Boy, this girl sure knows how to love...we could all learn a lesson from sweet Sarah Emily.

Love you Sadie.

Henley on the Horn said...

Happy Birthday, baby girl! Don't grow up too fast. Hood Mama, you never disappoint! I'm so impressed you made her cake! It looks MUCh better than what I would have made!