Monday, March 21, 2011

Not quite unsilenced yet.

Yeah, I thought I'd be back in full swing this morning - I was wrong. I'm scrambling to get the house clean, groceries bought, and dogs off my bed so I can make the thing before Trey comes home.

Fat chance.

Anyway, I guess I've got to take care of my actual responsibilities before I can have fun on here and tell you all about our Spring Break. I will say, though, it was mighty exciting. Our restaurant choice for breakfast caught on fire and I officially decided Hell would be having to spend eternity walking around Ripley's Believe it or Not suffering from a non-stop case of the willies.

See you tomorrow!

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jay n tricia said...

Josiah says, "Hey, that's a really cute picture!". Maybe if you don't have time to make it before Trey gets home, he'll just walk into the room and have the same thought? As in oh how precious that all the family dogs are lounging on our bed. Why would we want to make it up and disturb their rest? :-)