Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break ala San Antonio.

So, we had a pretty busy Spring Break over at Casa de Hill.

San Antonio was on our minds and we took off Sunday for the week. I'm sorry, did someone forget to tell me that the entire United States of America had San Antonio on their minds, too? If the world was our oyster, San Antonio was the pearl everyone was dying to grab and apparently, that pearl was going to be had at one of two places; Sea World, Fiesta Texas, or the River Walk. I know that's three but I spent my entire week surrounded by strangers, constantly counting children. 1..2..3..4..5..1..2..3..4..5., and now I'm taking a little latitude with my numbers because if I lose one, or forget one, it's not going to be in a sea of people in tank tops.

And bathing suits.

We saw lots of bathing suits at Sea World and can I just say, for the record, that I am just not ready for bathing suit season to begin. On myself or others - either way. In the words of Darrell, 'Brother, you can't unsee that'.

Can I get an Amen?

Darius was the most patient 17 year old ever to walk the planet - not once the entire time did he get a little irritated with the kids even though they fought almost constantly over who sat by him, who held his hand, and who got to wake him up in the morning. And I can attest from experience that my children do not go gentle into any good morning. It kind of involves jumping, shouting, and ripping warm covers from body. It can ruin your day.

Even in this picture, the evidence is clear. Darius loves himself some Dippin' Dots but any time he'd get some, the other kids would all grab spoons and ask for "just one bite" which would be all fine and good if it wasn't times four. Look. He's the only one with ice cream and they ALL have spoons!

Little turkeys. They totally get that from their daddy.

The only point where I saw a glimps of exasperation from Darius was on the ride home from Fiesta Texas when Sadie, who at that point was sitting in the middle seat with Darius while Tee, Olivia, and Graham sat in the third row poked her head between Trey and my seat and said in her best fake-heartbroken voice, "Y'all, I'm lonely back here."

I thought Dr. Pepper was going to shoot out Darius' nose because, really, lonely was the just about the last thing any of us had been in five days. He, probably most of all.

We made it back with all the children and luggage and a nifty addition of a five foot stuffed chili pepper with a chef's hat that reads 'Freakin' Hot' so all in all, yeah, it was a pretty great trip.

Now, let's see how long I have to dust and how many times am I gonna have to pick that chili pepper up off the floor before the kids forget they've sworn eternal love for it and I can toss it while they're at school. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Henley on the Horn said...

Welcome Home! I know the 1,2, 3, 4, 5 drill all too well. I am convinced pedophiles lurk at Disneyworld just waiting to snatch our children away from me. DH swears that Disney would never let that happen. 1,2,3, 4, 5... 1,2,3,4,5.... I'm glad all made it home safely! How about a picture of YOU in that hat?!

Becca said...

glad you had a good trip :-) and i just love sweet darius - I know poor Zack and Sabo get sick of it with just Jayci so I cant imagine the depths of his patience with 4 of them :-)

Mrs. Corrock said...

Happy to hear you had a good trip. Everybody and their mommas seemed to be in SA this weekend. Several of my friends headed down there for Spring Break, anniversaries, and the Tejano Fan fair!

Kim said...

what a recap. you are killin me. i can so relate to the 1,2,3,4,5 count. and i have even mastered it on subways and crowded hong kong streets. we see lots of interesting fashion statements in asia, but nothing can top swim suit attire at a us theme part. eeeeewwww!