Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love and Duct Tape

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of celebrating my sixteenth wedding anniversary with Trey.

Our anniversary was actually Friday but that night was spent bowling and eating at CiCi's in celebration of Dea's birthday. Nothing really says romance more than bowling a 48 and eating at a pizza buffet. I do enjoy the Diet Coke at CC's, though. I'm not gonna lie.

The sweetest thing was Thursday when, in front of several of his staff, Trey put his arm around me and said, "Tomorrow, I get to celebrate 15 years of being married to this beautiful woman." For reasons totally known to both of us, he has blocked out an entire year of our marriage. It was year one. And it was not pretty, friends. Not pretty at all. In fact, I remember meeting other newlyweds and being convinced they were totally lying when they said their first year of marriage was absolute bliss. I may have even screamed "LIAR" to their faces once or twice.

I somehow stopped getting their Christmas cards shortly afterward.


Anyway, the Lord has a funny way of taking all our expectations and 'I deserves' and flipping them on their tails only to show us His way is better, and more beautiful, and stronger than we could have ever imagined.

So last night, when I almost cut my finger off opening a bottle of wine - don't ask, I never said I was coordinated - and I got a little lightheaded, I looked right at Trey and he knew he'd better take charge or his bride was going down. I can deal with a lot of gross stuff but for some reason, deep cuts to my own appendages make me all whoozy and light-headed. Once I sliced my finger deep opening a package of bacon - I also never promised you I was a healthy eater - and the only person around was a 6'3" teenage basketball player named Ollie who almost fainted himself. I personally think it was more over the realization that he wouldn't be getting breakfast anytime soon rather than my gushing wound.

Speaking of breakfast, how's your's treating ya right about now?

Anyway, my husband of 16 years took the corkscrew from my hand, took me upstairs, doused me with Bactine - even blew on it so it wouldn't sting, and bandaged me up.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any bandaids which begs the question, "What kind of mother doesn't have bandaids?"

This one. My excuse? The last box I bought was emptied in 6 minutes by children wanting to look like they'd been to war. 'Cause when you're facing automatic weapon enemy fire, you're sure hoping your medic has some Dora bandaids on hand.

That's when Trey got all resourceful on me and got 'er done with some paper towels and duct tape. I like the fact that he sometimes uses miscellaneous household objects to mend his family instead of rushing them to the E.R. Graham has an ever so slight scar to prove it just at his hairline. One summer evening, he hit his head on an electrical box at a baseball game and Trey super glued the cut together, patted him on the shoulder and said, "There you go, buddy, now let's get back in that game."

He doctors us all with nary a wince, or getting all queasy and weak-stomached, or making fun of me for my ability to inflict serious, serious injury upon myself with a dull object.

That, folks, is love.


PinkLemonade said...

I had to take a break at the "what kind of mother doesn't have bandaids" point to fill my cavernously empty house with gusts of guffaws. I like the fact that your blog is kinda like a polar expedition for me where you hafta take little breaks now and then for the laughter. Love!

putman said...

Great one... just try not to capitalize and bold the misspelled words! :)

HoodMama said...

Corrected. Thank you, John for reminding me, once again, who was the smart one in our class. :)

putman said...

lol it sure wasn't me :)

I mean... wait... I wasn't an idiot or anything either! Heck, at least you were class prez!

I just thought it was funny that the only word in the article that was misspelled was both capitalized and bolded :p And... I had to think for a second why it didn't look right to me. Couple of Aggies are we!

Becca said...

haha hilarious - and happy anniversary!

Process Mapping Blog said...

Looks nice and who can say the world is not held together by rolls of duck tape? At least Trey did not use liquid bandaide....I did that with Maxine 8 years ago and I still hear about it.

Birdie Pearl said...

Happy Day! I agree with you on the first year of marriage. Mine was just painful- thank goodness we have plenty of years to make-up for it! Congrats and take care of that finger.

Taylor Wise said...

I never have bandaids. Maybe it is a girl thing, but the slightest booboo needs a bandaid. I have tried to explain only the sight of actualy blood requires a bandaid, but it must be something about the princess stuck on her skin that makes her feel better. Hence, we never have bandaids either.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

That's so much better than a gift certificate for a massage.


The Pennington Point said...

Wow. You guys really know how to do romance. Duct tape fix everything. Lisa~

Tours of the Vatican said...

I am convinced that there is very little that duct tape can not do.