Monday, July 25, 2011

Bruno, now I get it!

You know, all summer, my kids have listened to that song by Bruno Mars. I think it's called the Lazy Song but I'm really not sure because I'm usually trying to argue the benefits/attributes/pros of country music through the whole song.

There's a part where they turn it off every time for about 16 beats because it's 'inappropriate'. I will say, their self-parenting skills have gotten exceptionally better this summer. High five for me.

Actually, I have listened to the lyrics a few times - minus the 16 beats - and it's pretty catchy. Catchy, that is, until I envision myself actually doing nothing and then CPS showing up and taking my family away. Clearly, I'm motivated a itsy-bitsy bit by fear. Itsy-bitsy. Those of you who know me personally can stop cackling now. I can hear you.

Anyway, this week, I'm actually considering sitting around not doing anything guessed it...even if you didn't just play along...all my kids are at PINE COVE!

There really are no better words to utter after that sentence than, "Thank you, Jesus." It's true.

From my last post, you could probably surmise that I was getting a little edgy. It's been a good 102 every day for a month and we're a fair skinned bunch. We'd spent just about every day at the pool for some period of time and my dermatologist was starting to send me hateful text messages and harass me on Facebook.

He wasn't really - but in my mind, it was funny. You see, when all my kids are away at camp, I have all kinds of time to use that shriveled up part of my brain called my I.M.A.G.I.N.A.T.I.O.N.

Tee's actually been gone a week already. We dropped him off last Sunday for a two week gig and he was actually o.k. Perhaps he'd, too, grown weary of my nagging and cajoling to read, clean up his room, and stabilize our house's foundation. I believe in hard work before there's any passing out of the popsicles around here.


Ok, actually it's been a little more like, "Read 3 chapters in your book and don't fight with your sisters and I'll give you a popsicle every hour until dinner."

Honesty counts for something, right?

So for the details...Tee's been gone a week and then, yesterday, we dropped off the other three. Graham and Olivia had friends bunking with them so Sadie who was also going for the first time, was riding solo. She was thrilled about camp until it actually came time for her to actually stay at camp sans parents. She got all nervous and weepy and "I don't want you to leave"-y. Olivia had long said her quick goodbye's and raced to the pool. Graham, who actually had been saying he wasn't sure he wanted to go either, and had hung back with Trey and I, took a deep breath and even though his chin was quivering a tiny bit, said, "Sadie, I've just decided I'm going to have a great time this week and you are too." He put his little arm around her and led her to the gate for their swim test and off we went.

Graham's compassionate spirit and gentle heart made Trey's and my first top-shelf jumbo margarita of the week so much easier to get down.

Bless him.

Then, cleaning out my car this morning from the drive, I found this.

That, my friends, is not a good sign. Although Pine Cove has a camp store and each of the kids has a little spending money in their accounts, I can't, for the life of me imagine that one of my children would actually spend actual American money on a toothbrush when, instead, they could buy a Pine Cove key chain.

For all their none keys.


Henley on the Horn said...

Your house sounds just like mine with the reading and popsicle line:). I feel your pain on the fussing and summer reading! I love that your sweet Graham took his sister away with his arm around her. You have done a good job, mama. I really don't know what I would do with a week in our house with no children. I've never even had one day like that. I think it would be weird. I am praying they have a gREAT WEEK! Yikes on the toothbrush. I can see that your dentist is about to write on your wall on facebook....

Dina said...

Oh, I want to do nothing this week too! Do you think Pine Cove takes 1 year olds? She's really cute!

lailani said...

Have a great week! As for toothbrushes, I could get mine to take them, but ACTUALLY using them was a whole 'nother story. So, reading between the lines, if yours have toothbrushes at camp they will use them?? How did you do that? lol!!

Birdie Pearl said...

Yes, bless Pine Cove! It was my one week of sanity this summer. Do nothing and enjoy it! I will pray about the toothbrush thing.

Deidra said...

Pine Cove! Oh my goodness! You've talked about PC before (Pine Cove, not the other PC) and it's only now that it's registering! My daughter was a counselor this year at Pine Cove's self-proclaimed rival, LLYC! And...her very dear friend has worked at PC for years! Small world! And Pine Cove is a wonderful place! Toothbrushes optional.

OTRgirl said...

I love your son's reaction and his bravery for his sister's sake.

As for heat! Ugh. New to Dallas and our AC has broken twice since we moved in July 1st. Fortunately we're zoned and 2nd floor works, but I work from home and my office is a sauna!

Finger brushing is a camp classic!

Enjoy your time off.