Sunday, July 3, 2011

Next Phase

Last week, Trey dropped a group of West Dallas' ten off at the airport as they embarked on a mission trip to Senegal, Africa.

To Trey, it was a pinnacle of the long-dreamed of goal that the kids we serve here would somehow see not only beyond our neighborhood, but beyond our city and country and set their sights on the global community we have in Christ.

As he prayed for them on their departure, he charged the six high school kids and four Mercy Street staff members to embrace their unique call to be Ambassadors for Christ. To set aside their desires, expectations, and assumptions and truly demonstrate the love of Christ to people 1/2 a world away.

We've gotten updates through Mercy Street's high school ministry's blog, Next Phase and have been so encouraged by the things we've read. For us, it's been the little things we've read - sometimes even reading between the lines - that have been the sweetest.

The recognition that bread and jelly for lunch was a delight and a gift for our kids because they'd come to understand the commodity that jelly was to the people they were serving and had come to love.

The wonder our kids felt in seeing the children of Senegal's reaction to the presentation of a brand new soccer ball. Our kids struggle - but the perspective they gained was beautiful.

"We have air-conditioning, running water...and the women endure a grueling process to make coucous. They take the millet gathered from the fields and place it in this large bucket, then vigorously pound away until its ground into powder. We watched in wonder and Sharmonique said, “And we get mad when the microwave takes too long!” Wisdom poured from the students left and right.

This afternoon, Trey has the privilege of welcoming home some young men and women that we pray will truly develop into future leaders for this community, the city, and the world.


Candy said...

Praise the Lord for His goodness and grace and for this life-changing experience for the kids and staff of Mercy Street. We cannot wait to hear the stories. The blog was awesome and it was joy to pray.

Thank you, Jesus!!


Janet said...

I can say from experience that Africa will change their lives and they will never be the same. Praise God for the opportunity to share his word and to see his grace in action.
Janet (in Lagos, Nigeria)