Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This may explain a lot.

With carpool, lunches, breakfasts, snacks that look like dinners, and dinner, coupled with soccer, football, volleyball, and serving as the president of the PTF this year at my children's school, my fall has been a little busier than usual.

I have found myself with both perpetual bad hair and puffy eyes which together go a long way in endearing your children to you - especially in front of their friends.

"No, seriously Mom, you're welcome to just WAIT IN THE CAR."

Also, when I don't take time to write down the things I think are funny, I have a tendency to over-tell those funny stories to my children which they LOVE. They love if the definition of love is to run away.

A while back I commented to Trey about how perplexed I was that my friend Gini is able to handle lots of activity, responsibility, and obstacles at once all the while maintaining poise and good hair. My husband responded with a gentle hand on my shoulder and some encouraging words. "You know, baby, some people are just able to get more done in a day than others. It's how they're wired."

Awesome. Sometimes, I wish my wiring had more wires and stuff. And frankly, I'd like someone to blame.

So, when my dad sent me a bunch of pictures the other day of his visit to see my stinky brother, I couldn't help but single one photo out. It was of my brother's giant and very well organized desk. I was not surprised. He is one of those people, like my friend, who can juggle mountains and still maintain composure.

I happened to open this photo while sitting at my own desk and when I looked up, I was appalled. I may have gagged. For sure if my brother sees it, he will gag.

However, in this comparison, I found relief. Although I cannot change how I am wired, I can, now, obviously blame my parents. Clearly, they loved him more.

At least enough to teach him the value of a right angle.

But, if you look really closely (because I did - sometimes I think I'm an investigative journalist), he's misspelled a word in the second paragraph on the document in the lower left hand corner of the picture. It's easily spotted because it's the one that's ever-so-slightly askew on his otherwise perfect desk.



Anonymous said...

Great catch! After carful investigation I found that word and fired the person that typed Boooger with 3 O's. Thanks again. Love, B.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhhhh...I know...It's careful. Sorry.

Traci said...

BUT- you have art. Art covers a multitude of organizational shortcomings.

Mary said...

I think his blinds are crooked.

Kim said...

You really cannot stay away from blogland for so long. Needed that good laugh!

Anonymous said...

The year I was parents' council president, my boys "lived" in trouble at school! I didn't embarrass them near as much as they did me! Looking back it was...well I just don't go there!

Holli said...


Jill said...

A picture of my desk would make you feel much better about yourself.
I've read that a "messy desk" is a sign of a creative and productive person. I don't really know how much truth there is to that though...

Mrs. Troop said...

Your desk is prettier, though.