Friday, January 6, 2012

Your only take away may be Shareese.

It's totally funny to me how much of a habit blogging became for me and then, like exercise, once I stopped for a little while, my brain - like my thighs - became strangely out of shape and blubbery.

I don't really know if my brain is literally blubbery but when I opened up this page and saw that the last time I posted was Thanksgiving, I'm imagining it is not in tip-top-writing shape. It may have cellulite.

So, in the very cliche act of starting all things new this January, I hope to both exercise and write a little more than I have lately.

I was talking with a friend today about the blog, and writing, and all that goes with it and, admittedly, it's a strange world. I love getting to know friends in the community - readers and bloggers both - but there would be times I would sit across from my closest friends here and they would say, "Amy Acquaintance (that's not really a person's name. Do you see what I did there?) asked me if I knew about something you'd written on your blog and I didn't have a clue." It became incredibly easy for me to write on here some of the things that were going on instead of sitting down face to face with a close friend - someone who knows the good and the bad and can speak into my life at close range. Sometimes, I discovered, writing it all down is cathartic. Sometimes, for me honestly, it's just easier - less personal.

And so, I hope to find that ever-elusive balance. To keep up with the incredible people I've met through this blog who I don't get to actually put my eyes on and, at the same time loving my friends and family with intention.

Which may also mean I need to log off Pinterest.

To catch up...

December was a blur of festive crazy. Dea was home and some yahoo planned three events in four nights at our house. Clearly, I am a scheduling idiot.

One of the events was the Annual Mercy Street Christmas Party. It was once again a blast and we're just thankful no blood or tears were shed this year during the white elephant gift exchange. We haven't always been able to make that claim.

We did introduce the element of a dance competition which I rocked. Or Trey begged me to sit down. Either one. You choose.

We loved being with family and without homework and watching movies together and eating chocolate covered everything which was either given to us by friends who hate me or made by me after a Pinterest bender. And now we're back to the need for exercise.

And with everything else going on, a Christmas card just wasn't in the cards this year... Wow. Yeah. Sorry for that....even though my sweet photographer friend Shareese Rowland got us all to smile at the same time. She's amazing - look her up.


TDM Wendy said...

Your blogging thighs are great. And haven't you heard? You don't even need to blog anymore. You can just take a pill and it happens all by itself.
Your family looks beautiful. Glad you are enjoying them and real, live human beings.
Happy new year!

Mrs. Troop said...

I know what you mean about blogging. Slacking a bit myself, while trying to connect face to face, instead. But there's something theraputic in writing it down. And I always enjoy what you've written down!

Henley on the Horn said...

I've been in a rut myself. I'm so glad you're back!

These Three Kings said...

Girl,I feel you on that blogging... Uh, LOVE the Christmas card pics!
Ya'll got Swagger!

Melissa said...

I'm trying to get my blog really going this year, so we'll see what happens. I'm hoping to be able to stay motivated to write.

Love the pics, especially the first one!

Glad to have you back and look forward to reading more from you!

Kay said...

As always ... love what you share and the way you do it. Keep on keepin' on :)

Lea said...

Really. I love your honesty. And your heart. And how much you love your family and your God. I'm one of those blog-friends (if you can call it "friend") you've never seen (nor I, you, for that matter). Every time I come back to Big D (which would be a whopping once since being introduced to your blog 3 or so years ago...Tim comes all the time w/ Leadership Network, and I always think I'm coming along!), our mutual friend (somehow), Lacey, insists I will call you and we will go have lunch and immediately bond. Having taken in extra kids and being in ministry and all. Not being big on calling someone I technically do not know, that will not happen unless Lacey comes with me to you even know Lacey? Maybe it's Trey who is the connection. It's a Baylor thing...

Anyway...I confess I haven't been following since fall, or Thanksgiving, so I was relieved to see I haven't missed 2 months of laughing and conviction. Thanks for sharing. The blog world is one interesting place, to say the least, and a hard balance to strike of what one shares, no doubt. I know God will lead you in that. You reach many on here through your very open, honest heart and passion to serve our King. I sure love the encouragement knowing someone else "out there" relates, and am thankful Lacey put me onto you. :) This life now is definitely a very long way from the Theta house.....

That is a lot of rambling on a blog for me! Oh, I am loving my cross (I kept one) that your uncle carved! Reminds me of much, one of which is to pray for Mercy Street, and well, you. Enjoy the New Year and all of God's blessings and what He has in store for you and your family and MS over the next 12 months! :) ~Lea

Jen (Lewis) Clouse said...

I don't know about awkward and stabilizer muscles and all that. But cheerleading is over-rated (as if my junior high experience is enough to say that - hope not to offend you VARSITY cheerleaders out there) and with your You-tube inspired hair skills to draw any and all attention away from body, who needs skinny legs?! I miss and adore you.

Lea said...

And, if you see this, I really do want to know where you found that most adorable cream ruffley sweater coat. :) Darling! And I laughed and laughed over the hair post...just tried that recently after a fresh, clean layered cut. Um, not so much. Drew, my 4th grader, asked what experiment I'd tried with my hair, followed by announcing he likes my hair straight and no makeup. Sorry, Drew. Not after 40. Have a great weekend!