Saturday, May 26, 2012


With the rest of Texas, we ended our school year yesterday with pizza,
water balloons, swim parties, and what's soon to become our eau de
summer - SPF 45.

It's been a great year - busy, challenging, rewarding. And last week,
I officially passed my baton as PTF President over to my dear friend,
Katy, just in time for the tidal waves of emotion that have become my
close companions for the last five days.

Those waves have mostly manifested themselves in weeping fits over
Sadie's last day of 2nd grade and subsequent last 1/2 day of school on
Mondays and Fridays forEVER. And seeing my oldest three venture into
the middle-school hang out at church as they make their way into a
season of life I like to call Horribly Awkward.

I've been fun at parties.

Trey, on the other hand, is awesome! Or, spent and in need of some
recharging. Either one, you pick.

I'll give you a hint - its the latter.

Like most who do ministry full time, after 10 years, his soul is weary
and he's wise enough to know he needs to take a break.

So, with the blessing of his Board of Directors, and a staff who has
been hand-picked by the Lord for such a time as this, he is taking two
months off this summer to rest, let Jesus fill his soul, stain the
fence, and fix that banister that came off the wall in a freak

Did you see that? Did you see how I subtly slipped my honey-do list
in there. Yeah, I've been practicing for weeks. I've actually gotten
pretty good. He barely even notices - or totally notices.


Actually, we're going to spend some time pouring into our marriage and
our family. We'll begin with the son who told a friend of mine last
week that he, "just wasn't a 'yes, ma'am' type of guy".


Perhaps he'd rather become a 'livin' in a van down by the river' type
of guy instead - made exponentially more difficult by the fact that he
can't drive and he only has $7.64 to his name and therefore couldn't
even buy a van/house, let alone riverfront property.

And with that, we're off to begin Sabbatical 2012. We're headed to
Colorado for a couple of weeks and then down to see my dad and
step-mom in Scottsdale.

We're praying for renewal and as quiet a rest as can be had in a
suburban, four children, and the iconic music - both beloved and
behated - of One Direction.

Meanwhile, Dea is holding down the fort at home and learning the joy
of dog breath early in the morning because he's all collegiate and
workin' and responsible. Bless him. We love him.


Candy said...

Love the pic and love this post. I'm so grateful for the sabbatical begun. May the Lord restore, refresh & renew all weary souls, and broken bannisters, unstained fences as well.

Enjoy the time away!


These Three Kings said...

Enjoy your time in the mountains and ENJOY the heck out of your sabbatical!! Love you Hills!!

Becca said...

Know what would be an awesome sabbatical? Visiting Georgia :-) we'll even take you to the lake house rather than our craziness downtown haha - love you guys!!! Get lots of rest!

Kim said...

May you all REST & RECONNECT well this summer!

Colored With Memories said...

oh, Melissa! the Lord knew I needed this belly laugh...after my role with VBS ended last night I thought I would be able to sleep in...alas I am up way too early reading your blog. someone up at church today mentioned it (and how she wishes you blogged more often)an it reminded me to stop by. glad i did!

much deserved sabbatical! enjoy! and i want to get in on the wager of betting that the bannister doesn't end up getting fixed! ;)

Kerry G.