Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not as newsworthy as the Olympics.

I apologize for taking so long to update the seven of you on Franklin's status.

I'm sure you've barely slept.

This would have come sooner but we've been packing and shipping the girls off to camp at Pine Cove which is awesome.

You know what would also be awesome?  If every stinkin' year, I didn't get into my car the morning after drop-off and find some child's toothbrush.  At this point in the week, while normal  parents are checking the website for pictures of their campers, I'm checking their camper accounts to see if they've actually purchased another toothbrush. As of Tuesday morning, that would be a no.

Their dentist will be thrilled.

Also thrilling was the to-do list I found taped to my door when we got home.  By it, you can see two things: 1. Franklin survived.
2. According to Sadie, I'm supposed to do nothing else this week but care for her turtle.
3. She can't spell dessert.  Her teacher, come August 23, will also be thrilled.

That's actually three things because I like to keep this whole blog nutty and unpredictable.

After a week in Turtle ICU, Dr. Effie over at City Vet decided Franklin was ready to come home.
This is a picture of the repair of Franklin's plastron.  Fun fact - Franklin is a girl.  Who knew?  Well, probably anyone who knows anything about turtles which, as of two weeks ago, ruled out our entire family.  Now we feel like experts.

They actually drilled holes in her shell and secured it will sutures that will come out in a couple of months.  Turtles are slow healers.  My favorite line I heard at pick-up was from a vet tech who 'scrubbed in on Franklin's surgery.'  "We think Franklin was someone's pet at one time because he's very comfortable around people.  He actually let me hold his head while I administered oxygen."  Oxygen.

 My least favorite line was, "Now, will you be comfortable giving her shots?"

Um, no?

'Well, you see Mrs. Owner of a Box Turtle Who Has Recently Undergone Surgery Because Your Dog Thought she Was a Chew Toy, Franklin's going to need two intramuscular shots administered daily for two weeks.  Pain killers and antibiotics.  So, now's a fantastic time to learn.'

There are a few things I never thought I would hear myself say.
1. 'Another handful of Junior Mints?  No thank you.'
2. 'Oh, I'd love to go to the party with you but I've got to cheer at the Homecoming Game.'
3. 'Yes children, we'll leave for the pool right after I give the turtle her shots.'

I had actually just given her his first round right before this picture was taken.  Notice hergiving me the stink-eye?  I retaliated by giving her a guilt trip about how, because of her being all irresistible to my dog , my carpets won't be getting cleaned.

I don't think turtles have a conscience (that word took me an embarrassingly long time to spell).

But, who's not giving me the stink-eye is this small child who, like her turtle friend, also does not care about my dirty carpets but instead cares only that I replenish Franklin's tomato supply before and after I take him for a walk.  Twice daily.  And give her a turtle-massage.


Henley on the Horn said...

This is really too much. You need your own tv show. I don't even watch tv, but I would tune it every night right after I quit laughing about your hourly schedule of taking care of Franklin!!!!

Sara said...

I am dying of laughter. Oh my goodness--I needed that tonight! :)

Kim said...

This post / story might take the cake! Hilarious!

OTRgirl said...

I find this way more noteworthy than the Olympics! At least no one is doing a solemn voice over about how Franklin's older sister is watching and told her to get back in there and take on the next dog.

Dawn @ simply transparent said...

wow turtle shots..now that's a life!
fun place here ;)

Lea said...

Just what I needed tonight. Far more entertaining than the Olympics! I'm wondering if you would give shots to the corn snake, if he is still around. :)