Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taking matters into her own hands.

Admittedly, it's been a little more hectic of a Christmas than usual.  Maybe it's not actually more hectic because I'm by nature a procrastinator but it sure feels that way.

Our trouble started the week after Thanksgiving when Sadie came down with a little something and ended up missing a week of school.  Having the generous heart she does, she then shared it with the rest of our family minus Trey which we were thankful for because we needed someone to pick up our medicine, warm our chicken soup, and remind us to brush our teeth.


It was awful.  Even two weeks after our last fever broke, we're still a little weak and pale and thin.  And it consumed the week of December which has made getting ready for Christmas crazier.

And with the crazy, we've had to put some things aside.  Last year, the kids - READ: Sadie - asked if an Elf on the Shelf could come visit us this Christmas.  Unfortunately, this momma forgot to invite one.  I blame the fever.

So, the other afternoon, while I was getting ready to host Mercy Street's staff Christmas party, and the house was clean, Sadie started getting crafty.  She pulled out scissors, glue guns, a giant roll of tape, and...I don't know - I was trying to make appetizers...and went to town.  I had no idea what she was making, I just begged her to clean up before our people arrived.  And to please, please, please not spill the giant bottle of glitter Trey brought home for her.

Sometimes, he forgets about the long-term consequences of spilled glitter.

About thirty minutes later, my determined, creative, spicy child presented me with her masterpiece.

Apparently, if Momma forgets to invite an Elf on the Shelf to our house, darn it, my youngest child will just build her own out of a Solo cup, a plastic football, greenery, and googly eyes.

And thankfully, no glitter.

As usual, she, and the whole gaggle of them, reminded me that my favorite gifts are never the ones under the tree.

Merry Christmas!