Mercy Street

Mercy Street is a movement.
We are a group of Christians who desire to see God glorified and the neighborhood of West Dallas transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. By intentionally engaging in the lives of the "orphans and widows" in our city, we seek to put flesh on the redemptive message of the gospel and all the rich implications of life in Christ.
Jesus ministry was in word and deed. Sometimes he preached. Sometimes he performed miracles. Often times he did both. Righteous Words and righteous works made up the sum of Jesus message. We recognize the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of our community. And we desire to offer hope and healing to both.
We believe that salvation is more than just a ticket to heaven. It is the freedom and power to live out God's call to make His name known in the earth.
When God commanded Adam to "fill the earth and subdue it " in Gen. 1:28, he gave him a mandate to increase the boundaries of the Garden, bringing order out of chaos. The job was made exceedingly more difficult when sin entered the world, but the job did not change. It remains our job today.
At Mercy Street, we prayerfully work together to push back against the thorns and thistles that have taken root in West Dallas so that God's Kingdom reign might be evident. Urban decay points to spiritual decay. As Christians it is our delightful responsibility to enter into the dark places of the world and let the light of Christ shine. Light always repels darkness.